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Cultivated Reef

fight club


this little guy always try to fight with me everytime i put my hand in to feed my sun corals.

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when i order this, I asked for red scooter blenny, but doesn't look red at look, so I guess it's just a regular scooter blenny.

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Thats a red scooter blenny. The regular ones are all brown with just a little red on the tail fins.

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Wow, is it really a red scooter blenny? If so, you have a great jewel there. Normally the scooter blennies arent as coloful. Its fin looks great. As with all blennies, not sure if you are doing this, but I would recommend trying to spot feed him until you see he continues to do well. Lots of people suggest that when they deplete your amphipod population, then these fish like the dragonetts could starve. Just a suggestion. The fish looks great!

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hm.... he's actually doing fine, he's been in my tank for a year. and eating all frozen brine shrimp and frozen mysis shrimp too. he's very healthy now. I'm thinking about to get a female for him. does anyone has a pic of how's the female scooter blenny look like?

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Pinrod Urkish


yep he's a male. The females tend to have smaller dorsal fins. Colorful fella nonetheless

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