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New Acrylic Tank Back


Here is the back of my new nano I made (with the supervision of my friend). I didn't want obtrusive overflows inside the tank, so I routed out an overflow directly on the back panel of the tank, then attached a box on the outside of the tank. This gives it a very clean look inside.

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Have you added water to this setup yet? The way you have your durso, your water level is going to be VERY close to the top, if not overflowing the tank because I believe the water level resides just on top of the elbow.

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It really looks higher than it is. I have run it with freshwater just to make sure everything was in working order. If I change the flow rate or something and the water level gets too high, all I have to do is cut it down a bit. Thanks for the comments!

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thats exactly like something i wanna do. i can't wait till i get out of a dorm and get an apartment so i can build something like that! thanks for the inspiration

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