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Super Colorful Maxi-Mini

Picked this up all closed up and haggard looking for $40 in Madison

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10 minutes ago, brandon429 said:

that is bonkers nice

I've been reefing for like 5 or 6 years now and I see all these pictures of INSANE coral and people picking them up for a steal and I always think "how is this possible - I've never seen anything like - ever" - and then back in September I took a chance on this ugly thing and less than 2 months later it was gorgeous.


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35 minutes ago, Rojomojo said:

Where can i buy one and how much does it cost! 

I got it from Living Art in Madison for I think $42. I got two of them from that batch and unfortunately the other is a standard color and everyone else who got one was pretty normal for that price. You just have to get lucky. I hope after another 10 or 15 years of this I will have enough to fill a nano with exceptional corals.

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Incredible color morph!:wub:
As a reefer going on his 11th. year, the nano full of exceptional corals hasn't come to fruition yet:( 

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