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Maritza The Vase Reef - Aug.14 2016

Deleted User 9

Peace All,


1.25 gals. Vase Reef

No Hidden Sump

No Man Made Filter


Live Rocks

Live Sand

28 Different Corals

SPS, LPS, OctorCoral,

Sponges, Feather Dusters

Exotic Zoanthids, Exotic Palythoas,

Micro Starfish,

Stometella Snails,

12 W Custom ABI Par38 Reef Bulb

Instant Ocean Salt Mix

R.O. Water

Digital Thermometer


Running on just Air Bubbles...

Whisper Air Pump

Check Valve

Battery Pack Back Up..

Water Changes 50-80% Weekly

Feed Cyclops, Mysis, Pellets, Phytoplankton


No FISH!!!

Going On Our 4th Year...

We're Getting Closer....



Keep It Simple Stupid..


Blessings All..

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