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Happy New Year


Happy New Year Nano-Reefers !


Full Tank Shot with New Nikon Coolpix 5200 Camera.

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The rose moved one time right after placing it in the tank. The foot is well protected under the rock at the top left. It has not moved at all in several months. It is in the most direct lit area of the tank and gets a moderate amount of flow. The clown just in the last week has finally hosted with the RBTA. The only real problem is it is getting a little crowded with the orange rics and the the rics are getting stung and retreating. I need to re-arrange and move the ric/xenia rock a little further away - long term the RBTA is going to need more room. That's what the 75g tank is for :)

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I still have to say that this tank is by far my favorite on this site. Seamus, you totally own at nano-reefs. It's awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know what you're thinkin'....


The tank is a 18 gallon Via Aqua, with a 150W DE MH pendant, 20k bulb.

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damn i almost went with that one but i couldnt get it, i wasnt too disapointed cos my desk would probably collapse if i put it on!!! i just got the 15 gallon via aqua, i prefer them to nano cubes.

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This is definitely one of the best, if not the best nano on this entire site. WOW!!!

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