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Huh, what a hypocrite.


Unless you're actively doing something to help keep the reefing community sustainable then you have no right to pass judgement. You're just another meat bag pooping all over the worlds reefs like the rest of us, just saying...

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I'm aware they're hard to keep and I'm aware they're important to wild reefs. They may have more of an impact on a reef ecosystem when removed but every single thing we have in our tanks that has been removed from the wild (excluding long term aqua cultured specimens) has a detrimental effect. It's something you accept when getting in to this hobby.


I'm not going to try and justify owning it, I do, it's healthy, deal with it.

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What exactly do you do for the ocean?


Better yet, what do they do for you?


Just curious.... either way you still sound like an ass

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