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Blue Lollipop tunicate


blue lollipop tunicate: note, it was recently added into the tank. From what i've read, given the stress during the shipping and forth it goes under stress which makes it drop its zoos-type head. It creates a mucus like covering around it, and hopefully it will eventually settle in and do well. This is the stage you see it in now... wish it luck!

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Hi, I've been thinking about to order this from aquacon for a long time. is it very hard to keep? does your zoos type heah grow back yet? and where you order it from? Mind to tell me? hope it's not too expensive. hehe

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Hi Ed212:


I bought them from liveaquaria.com but i DO NOT recommend them!!!! Buyer beware! haha I bought two of these from them, and one of them came in totally different form the one picture above. It was pretty bad. This was the first time I got one of these tunicates, and their website states that it is natural (given the stress of them being shipped) that they will get rid of their zoo type head and then surround it with a sort of "mucous". Well, since they said that on the website, I didn't call them immediately, figuring it was just part of it's natural routine of forming that mucous! But after a few days, I realized that the one that came in different (color, texture, etc) was decomposing in the tank! It arrived in dying condition! I called liveaquaria.com, but they didn't want to replace it. I therefore can not in good conscience recommend them to you -- maybe you should try aquacon and let me know if they are any good! As for your specific questions... they say it takes several weeks for the zoo heads to grow back on. Mine are starting to grow back already! I've treated it just like any of my corals -- no special treatment! It just get's the regular additions I give to the entire tank: namely, the liquid calcium, liquid coral food, and phytoplankton I regularly add to the tank. The price was in the 50 dollar range, but as I said, I wouldn't go to liveaquaria.com if I were you. Good luck, if you do decide to get them let me know how you fare. Best wishes! :-)

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Thanks for the information. and I'm glad to hear one of yours growing back now. I think I will try to order from Aquacon 2 weeks later. at least they're cheaper and with free shipping over 175. I only seen this guy once when I was travelling to hong kong, and at the fish store. they just open it from a shippment from indo. it was very pretty and was big. about 10 arms and each arms are about 5" without any of the little zoo losing. that's why I want to get it. I also want to get the purple one and blue one from drmaccorals.com but lets try this one first. will let you know is aquacon better.

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I saw the website "aquacon" and they seem to be cheaper on some things, such as the blue tunicate! awesome! Good luck.

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