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12 Gal Eclipse


12 Gal Eclipse

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wow thats awsom is that a stock light.i hope u will move that angle out of there way to small for an angle thay need atlest a 30 gal

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Did you research any of the stuff you stuck in your tank before you bought it?

I only ask because your non-photosynthetic gorgonian, chili coral, and sun coral arent showing any open polyps and the sun coral looks to be receeding. Not to mention you have one of the hardest to keep corals in the hobby, the elegance, stuck in there. You barely have any coralline on your rocks so im assuming this is a pretty new tank, which means that it isnt nearly mature enough to support the corals youve placed in it. Oh, and a flame angel in a 12 gallon tank that isnt even filled to the top? Comeon.

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Just noticed that this pic was posted in 2004, with any luck, someone took the inhabitants out of this tank and stuck esqharvard in to see how he likes it. Another idiot who doesnt know the difference between maintaining a reef and sticking pretty things in a box.

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