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Cultivated Reef

7g Minibow, day 1


1st day after set-up

13 pounds of live rock

10 pounds of aragonite sand

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Thanks for the replies and the warm welcome. :)


I think the live rock is just Figi. The store didn't specify. All the rock around here seems to be Figi. I'm impressed with the amount of coralline. I hope it doesn't go away during the cycle. I had to break down the rock because I just got 2 big pieces. It ended up breaking up into nice pieces that fit together quite well. I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out.


As far as plans go, I'm not 100% sure. For fish, I'm definitely going to get a firefish goby, coz they're my favourite, and maybe a yellow watchman or a yellow clown goby sometime way down the road. I want to get a couple of hermits, a variety of snails (nessarius, cerith, bumblebee, and astrea), and a cleaner shrimp. In terms of corals, I'd like to start with just some mushrooms and zoos, and then move up to some LPS corals and a toadstool. I just wish I could find somewhere in Canada that had coral packs like fragpacks.com, coz corals are sooo expensive here. At some point, I might add some more lighting, but with that huge ac500 on the back, it doesn't look like that will be too easy.


I'm really looking forward to building up my minibow and watching it develop. I've been waiting so long to set it up. I bought the kit from Aquabuys in May, but the glass was damaged in shipment. The postal service in Canada gave me a big hassle about it when I went to them to get reimbursed for the damage and have the tank replaced, so I sort of put the hobby aside for a bit, coz I didn't want to pay another 100$CAN for another minibow, and one can't get very far without a tank. Then the other day I had the bright idea of just having the one piece of glass replaced. I wish I had thought of that earlier. I'm slow, lol.


But anyway, thanks for your interest, and see you around nano-reef. :)



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sadly you will lost most of it when it cycles.. I lost mine on my fiji. Marshall ISland generally does better

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I used Kaelini in my nano cube, and lost little if any. Nice tank, I love the aquascaping. My advice for anyone starting with a nano is to just be patient. The smaller the tank, the more adding stuff affects it. I wish I had taken it slower with mine, because in the end it will just look a lot nicer! Good luck, and can't wait to see more! Make a diary thread!

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