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10gal Jebo - Carpet anemone tank


10gal Jebo with 1x32W retro fit from CSL. Temporary home for the carpet anemone. Extra feeding required to keep the anemone color up and thrive. Basically 1 shrimp every 2 days.



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omg what kind of lighting do you havve in that thing? Tell me its enough for that carpet anemone. That looks like to me a Stichodactyla haddoni. You will be moving it right. to someplace bigger it can get up to 1 meter in diameter

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It had 2x32W PC. This was 2-3 years ago. It lived in there for 6months and was doing fine. Just have to feed them every week. The color was actually come back from feeding alone. Now it locates in my 150gal and no it's not 1 meter in diameter. Hehe, you must be talking about the giant anemone in nature. I saw some of those with at least 10+ pairs of clowns in it. In captive, they largest one I've seen is 12-14". Here's the current pic http://www.sdreefs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11403&highlight=Cyber

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