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Some of us don't just keep salt water...


Some of us keep all manner of things. This is a view of my planted tropical tank currently in my bedroom. Too many kinds of stock to try and remember the names of, so I'm not going to. They're all basically Amazon basin species, with some Indonesian plants in there for the time being until I can palm them off to my father. :D


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I have two freshwater tanks,too. Golden rams were one of my favorite freshwater fish.

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Rams are fun but personally a Double or Triple Red Cockatoo Appistogramma will rock a Rams world both color and personality. Nice angels though. How big of a tank is that? Currently I have a 20 gal planted and a 180 pred tank.

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very true. I'm thinking about setting up a freshie in my room. But still gotta buy more corals..lol Your angels look happy.

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I only just got the Rams recently, give the Angel a bit more company than Danios can provide. They were cheap, available, and look nice.. so, well, here they are :D Shortly it'll be dosed with Blackwater extract and I know the GRs cope with it well, so that was another factor.


This one is a 17g currently... but as... family issues I guess you'd call them (ie. meglomaniacal family members who don't like me having fishtanks bigger than the size of a wine glass) resolve, I'm looking at either a 3x2x1.5 or a 4x2x1 for it all. We'll see what comes out in the wash :)

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