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My Nano Cube


With its first corals (my first corals ever!)

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be very picky when you pick out corals . get the most color you can find.

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They look a lot better in real life. For some reason my camera just washes everything out. Poor old camera that I've dropped too many times.. :-(

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When shopping for corals you need to search and look out for EVERYTHING. Check every local fish stores inventory go home then compare prices and see which ones you liked best. I will give you an example about choosing wisely. One LFS was selling orange florida rics for $19.99 a frag (2 mouths) while another was selling the same exact thing for $49.99 and the two stores where no more than a 15-20 minutes drive apart.

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I got mine from a hobbyist who was selling some frags. They were each $10. Is that a high price? The corals that his frags came from looked really healthy and huge!

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Oh and in response to DrCooper, it's Tonga branched rock. I hear they've stopped importing it, though. I love it. I think it looks really dramatic and my sixline loves swimming through the holes and tunnels all day long. But I think it might make it hard to place corals because there is limited lit space compared to rock with more flat spots.

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