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Came in this morning and the lower right polyp (I assume a brain per LFS) was off the skeleton and all stringy over the GSP. Ever seen that? Defending territory?


Oh, yeah this is an older pic, not on from today


Doesn't bother me, great traffic control, but I have never seen that before, Shortly after the lights were turned on, it had pulled back to the skeleton, but the definitive mouth is missing, kinda red/green mix. Needless to say, the GSP is not open where the brain was touchin it.


Pretty Cool!


Oh, yeah, I have this brain up in my tank, should it be on the sand bed?

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cool!! You might want to put your GSP on the sand bed that way you can maintain it a little better then having it stuck to your rocks but that's just my opinion. Your brain already looks great on the rocks so if I were you I wouldn't move it.

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Thanks, I think I have learned a little too late with regards to some of these corals (GSP, Xenia) - they're kinda like weeds and I imagine I will be trading out the live rock at some later date.

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