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What is this a picture of?

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This is definitely lambeu field. I'm a Wisconsinite of course I know this.

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Yeah, it's Lambeau. The Skybox my family owns is just under the Shopco sign.

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how nice, way to rub it in! But there is no shopco sign any more, and you do not own a box, you lease them :)


haha, all you guys thinking it's in illinois because of my location! Wisconsin sports FTW.



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Trader! Gotta root for a good team eh? Can't stick with your home town bears? I'm a Lions fan through and through!!!

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Yes, props to you Jacks, sorry for the delay, up in Door County all weekend.


Ocho- hell no, I would be a trader if I didn't love wisconsin sports, I am from this state, but have moved around for school then a job. Packer fan forever, Bears suck adn the Lions are a joke, but I am happy to hear they still have one fan left. Goooooooo cats, i mean Lions.


da da dadada da GO PACK GO

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Your correct, there is no Shopco sign "ANYMORE" it went bye bye when the referb was finished, but most people don't know that (which is why I said the Shopco sign, so the older folks would know). As for owning a sky box, yes you lease them, but if you leased one as long as my family has you might as well say you "own" it. Don't come on here and tell me my family doesn't have something that we most assuredly DO have. And besides, in your first pic the Shopco sign is still there :) Try harder next time.

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see, this is why we don't allow FIBs in the state of Wisconsin, they start talking about owning boxes and shopco signs, all of which don't exist. Come on now, this is my posting noob

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