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Starting to colour up


Still got a lot of sorting to do but i think im making progress.

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I'm tired of this. If the fish has been living in that tank for a while and is healthy then what is the problem? It's the only fish, and it has decent swimming space. I personaly would not do this but what is the big deal? Wasn't there a time when people didn't think it was possible to keep coral, now look, we have reef tanks. Nice tank man. Peace.



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ryan no offense man but where do you see enough swimming space? cant be more than 20/22 gallons...with a maximum of like 16 inches to swim straight before it has to turn the corner..


its people like you that make people think its ok...


other than that part, tank looks great man good job

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k i'll be the tang police.


he has a circle to swim in. Ryan, people speak from experience. how do you know the fish has been there for awhile? either way when it grows up blue hippo tangs are very sensitive to stress. People don't even keep them in 75 gallons. these are one of them more demanding fish in terms of swimming space.

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OK i understand the tang patrol, but its a 35 gallon display and hes not going to be in there when he gets older(ive got a 160 gallon tank). Thanks for the comments.

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Good looking tank. Be sure to get that Tang out of there before he gets too big.

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i have a funny story to tell you all.. i work in a aquarium shop and a old guy came in one day wanting a few more fish for his new fresh cold water tank that he had recently bought for his original goldfish that he had in a goldfish bowl. then he showed me a comparison to how big the goldifish were and they were like 20cm big! i was like how the hell were they in a gf bowl lol. he explained that the fish wouldnt swim lengthways so it had to go horisontal and twist around a bit then flip and spin again hahahaha.


Ps i liek your tank, just when your tang gets bigger you might take it too the lfs shop to be swapped for something else .

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Silly me... I like to assume that people are actually intelligent responsible pet owners here. Everything looks healthy. So I say Great tank. Enjoy the tang he's beautiful! Nice job.

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