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Percula Clownfish


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thanks for the comments. i actually just got the fish last week. i've been looking for a long time for a pair for my female that i got back in October 2005. as soon as i saw this fish, i knew i had to buy him.

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I see you used a canon 10D

shutter 1/160

aperture 8.0

ISO 400

Flash -on

This is such a great shot I cant help but ask what lens is this???

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the lens is the Canon 24-70. as you know, it is not a macro lens, and what you see there is almost a 100% crop. i got the scales to sparkle like that by putting the flash on top of the tank instead of using it direct.

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Beautiful. if anyone knows where i can find one of these guys please let me know.

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Just an update: This fish is doing well with his female pair. Although his black band has darkened and connected between the first and second white stripe, his body size has not increased by much. At least not that I can notice. They have spawned a couple of times almost 2 years ago but they stopped after just a few batches. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a new batch of eggs again but I did not see anymore after that. I was able to raise 3 individuals, whom are doing good right now, from a batch from one and a half year ago.


It's very hard to believe that I took this picture more than 4 years ago already!!!

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