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4 Month Update BC14 FTS under 150W HQI


This 14gal tank is finally starting to stabilize. Parameters are all in check and purple coralline is starting to multiply! A little worried about my mandarin goby though, that he does not have enough live rock nutrients to eat (Can't see him in the photo though).

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Hi LoBo/robbie, I use this stuff called Reef Solution by EcoSystem - about 2.5ml every other day. Supposedly it adds everything it needs except Calcium. I also dose my auto top off reservoir with 1.5 teaspons/gal of Kalkwasser Mix - seems to keep my Calcium, KH and pH levels high enough. Thanks.

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I dont buy it, your tank looks fake......j/k. It's really nice, it reminds me of one you would see in the ads for any all in one tank.Good job!!!

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Changed out the factory pump for a Maxi Jet 1200. Put the factory unit in my ATO reservoir.

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Wow, thanks for the nice comments everyone! It makes all of the hard long work more meaningful. It's so funny how people who visit my home hardly pay any attention to my tank. They'll glance at it maybe 10 seconds tops. But oh well, at least it makes ME happy.

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i doubt the mandarin will survive but nice tank. btw what do you mean by live rock nutrients? mandarins eat pods. is that what you are referring to?

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scarf_ace1981, I suppose that is what I meant. In fact, I purchased live pods in a bottle for the mandarin a couple of weeks back. It was called "Tiger Pods." Not sure if I need to buy more though.

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