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30g Oceanic Cube


1-year old 30g Oceanic Cube.

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WOW super tank, what kind of lighting are you using in that bad boy?

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Super tank. All stock and no skimmer. Fantastic, give hope to us all.

If you get a chace, could you take a photo from further back, so we can get a look at the overall tank


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Amazing, That spot at the bottom looks shaded yet you have tons of GSP growing there. Amazing.

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Thanks, everyone!

It's been a quick year since I setup this 30g Oceanic cube and I am very happy with how it has turned out. I've been getting amazing growth from the green star polyps, assorted zoos, and anthelia. As for the lighting, I'm using 4-24w T5's and they are great with lots of output and color. I was using 150w hqi in the beginning but these T5's are awesome. There is a custom made sump in the lower stand with a Euro Reef skimmer which I only turn on at night. I will take more pics this weekend.

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That clam looks really good. I thought they needed more light then that?

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