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my virgin tank....wet for the very first time


Tank spec 9week old 15.8gallon (US)/60litre

16Pounds of cured live rock

4kg coral sand substrate

T5 compact with reflector (24watt one white and one blue bulb)

T8 light (18watt)

blue led for night

22xwater change per hour.

small air power Pskimmer

Ammonia 0 - Nitrite 0 - Nitrate 10-20


Live stuff

2x Clowns (ocelaris)

1xcleaner shrimp

1xpepermint shrimp

3xturbo snails

6xhermit crabs



hitch hikers

1xbaby pistol shrimp(2cm big that hides all day)

2xtiny baby brittle stars

1x other small snail



xenia, finger leather, GStar, button Polyp and green hammer coral, purple torch coral




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thanks for the comment!

its 15.8US gallon 60litre (prob about only15gallon max with rock + stuff)...this is my first tank!

still to fill the rocks up with other corals....will be patient! cant rush into things with this game!!


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I love everything about it exept the red scooter blenny. It is quite likely it will die in there. Scooters have the same requirements as mandarinfish. Look around for stuff about mandarins and you'll see what I mean.

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thanks crazyclown!! yeah..i love everything too and i didnt realise how difficult it would be to keep a scooter!! i should have done my own research before listening to my lfs guy!! guess they just want ur money! since the scooter picks up crap from rocks and gravel i thought he would be a cleaner fish too!!

moral of the story....never trust someone in buisness and looking for money!!

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