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10 gallon at 2 months b-day


I got a pair of bangai cardinals and they have paired up. 10 gallon may be too small for these fish to spawn, but we will see. They will be the only fish I have, and I will give them some TLC.

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Oh cool you have cardinals! I want to do them too in my nano, but I hear they aren't good in a small tank... but I do only have an 8. Let me know what you think.

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Thank you all. The 3 gorgonians are photo synthetic, and I supplement feed with Oyster Eggs twice a week. They are so happy. The one that's positioned in the front of the tank has so much polyp extension it blocks view of the corals behind it.


I think bangais are ideal for a nano - they stay small, only hovers around in one corner most of the time, low maintenance and don't need that much room. I suggest you get a male/female pair. A pair of same sexes will fight to death.

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