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Glowing Cespitularia


This is a photo of my favorite coral, Cespitularia, taken with the tank lights off using an attenuated flash.

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m1enbo1- Yes. Cespitularia also goes by blue xenia (myself included), even though that's not exactly accurate...

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easy tank- no pulsing. just an awesome iridescent color and sclerite sparkle.

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shookbrad- i got it from a reefer on another forum, but it took me several years to find someone who i was confident had the real thing and a good record for shipping this delicate coral. it's pretty rare in the hobby but once established does grow very well. i'm currently trying to generate a stable broodstock to get more colonies established.



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Helfrichs Chick


Very nice. I ahve the chance to get this stuff from fellow reefers as well. Maybe I will try some. Much more reasonable price than online prices.

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Helfrich- I think if you have the opportunity, you should definitely get some. I think some steer away because they can be difficult to cultivate and there seems to be a stigma about paying a lot for "just xenia", but I think it's one of the most unique and beautiful corals available in the hobby.

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