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My resun 12G Nano tank


Picture taken today (10/03/07)


Tank Volume : 12G

Fish : 1 Royal Gramma, 1 False percula, 1 True Percula

Skimmer: Airwood (Sanders)

Lights : 70W MH Astralux 14kk

Chiller : Resun CL 650

Pumps/Flowrate : overall 2300L/H

Corals : SPS,LPS,Softies

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Only MH. No its not dim. i have to take the pics right after i turn the light on because the pics will have a brighten flash look if i take the pics after the MH is lighted long. And i am only running the halides without any actinics.

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thanks for the compliments guys. but i know i have still a lot to learn about keeping a nano tank. Especially on types of sps that suits a nano.

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nice tank, my only question is how you clean any detritus accumulated behind live rock, how old is your tank?

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my tank is about 9 to 10 months old. i use a pump to cycle to water below the liverocks. but it may still have detritus but at least it helps a little in reducing them.

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