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Coral Vue Hydros

Duncanopsammia axifuga.


Duncan from Jendub.com

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LPS Corals

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I got mine from jendub for $100 back in December,I know liveaquaria sometimes have them in their divers den from time to time.Their fast growers and becoming more available.

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Scientific name:Duncanopsammia axifuga

Common names:Whisker Coral

Genus:Duncanopsammia Wells


Distribution:Western and northern Australia and the South

China Sea

Habitat:Usually found in deeper water (over 20 m) in areas

dominated by soft sand but attached to a solid


Description:Tentacles are extened both during the day and

night.Tentacles grey to pale green and oral disc is

blue to green. Zooxanthellate

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Just got a 3 polyp frag of these yesterday but the darn things have yet to open completely!!

They are finally starting really make a showing in the US market ...

Liveaquira has a few of course the prices are not great but you get the 14 live Guaranty thing

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awesome duncan


my cous's gonna frag his to me soon can't wait to grow that baby

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