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Caught in the act!


Excuse the glass. A bit dirty.


Cleaner shrimp are nuts. I have a red one and this one(Mr.Clean). If they're not trying to clean fish then they're all over my arm instead :P.

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Hehe yeah it is. Mr.Clean was right up under there today while I was doing some minor re-arranging. I've had the little guy for quite a few months now and it never gets old. Always manages to make people laugh.


Swiffer the blood cleaner has started jumping onto me as well. He's more recent(monthish) and was at first a complete wimp. They are very peaceful together, at first they kind of acted like dogs sniffing each others butts and now just ignore each other.


Cleaner shrimp=great fun that's for sure.


Happy reefing dude.

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hey thanks, i have to decide between a pep, blood, or skunk cleaner for my little pico. i just cant seem to decide though. all i know is that i miss having a shrimp jump onto my arm. :)

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