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Ricordea Bed-Closer Look


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Soft Corals

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What kind of lighting do you have those under? I have a pink florida ricordia under halides and it seems to love it. I'm considering getting more of them.

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Helfrichs Chick


Hey I started a Ric thread check it out and post some more pics of your ricordeas. I will be able to post mine later tonight, same colors as yours. LOVE these corals, my fav by far.

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Damn people, thanks for all the compliments!!! I have a 24 gallon Nanocube DX with pretty much factory parts. I upgraded the ph to a 1100, but thats basically it. I'm always on the hunt for more rics at my local stores (Miami), and hope to extend on the bed soon. Each ric was bought separately, thats how I got all different colors on the same rock. Hope to post more pics soon!! Thanks again!

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