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I feed mine, KENTS: microvert, zooplex. I also feed it phyto plankton. By feed I mean in a syringe, every day, I switch up the foods. I also dose and I am sure it eats/ utilizes it because it percs up when I add them: coral accel, iodine, liquid calcium, kalkwasser (by way of ATO) Strontium & Molybdeum, Pro buffer dKH, and purple up. Is yours a flame scallop or electric flame scallop. Mine has lightning bolts of electricity that rush across his lips, you can even see it in the dark. Since I started dosing (and testing these of course) I have seen a crazy explosion of electricity out of him. Very cool creatures, a little work but simply amazing. Oh and to be honest some day I forget to feed him at all. And yes they are filter feeders and it is hard to feed alot in tiny tanks like ours, but you can always oull him out and let him sit in a bowl of super concentrated food then return him to the tank without fouling your water. They are crazy, they clap around to move general areas, then they have a timid snaillike suction cup foot that moves it in the perfect position. In a large tank it would probally disappeer in your rock work. I say don't bother buying one... Buy two or three they are that great, at least the electric ones.

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I all ready sold mine today to a buddy. 5$, i paid 12. but thats okay, its in good hands with someone who going to take care of it.

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i fed mine some brine shrimp with a pipette straw, id put the tip in ita mouth then squeeze the brine shrimp in... thats my way. do what ever suits you

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