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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Red Flower Pot / Red Goniopora


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LPS Corals

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Yeah they are hard to keep but my dad and I have been keeping a green one for 1 and a half weeks now and it's doing fine. Just make sure to feed it every 2 days.

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For your information i do know how to care for it. It does get fed every two days. This is not my only tank.

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Not saying I know all, but I have kept salt tanks for 18 years now and, thats not a coral I would try to keep! Try reading some of the articles out on this one. Anyway,good luck hope you can pull it off!

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Thats a beautiful specimen. I have read enough articles to believe that it is possible to keep these guys healthy for a good amount of time. Heres a wonderful site that you can use to help care for your goni. You will have to feed it at least 5 times a week with phytoplankton and small planktivores.




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Thanks for the encouragement Solarflare. Its nice to hear something positive and not negative, like alot of these Haters say.

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Good on u Idestone I hope the goni does well,

Im gonna visit goniopora.org myself,hope u do 2 :)

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I know you were'nt being negative Clownfishcrazy. I was responding to someone elses negativeness. Thanks and no offense taken.

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