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This is me last year. The only thing different about me now is my hair cut : )

Sorry if i burn your eyes lol

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Hawt reefer chicks!!!!! Gotta love it!

Better send a high res copy to tiny reef. ;)

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take a pic of yourself in front of your reef tank and all my dreams will have come true :D

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ahahaa, i gotta save this pic and see what other crazy comments will come up

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yeah for sure... I wish there were hot girl reefers in my town... all the reefers here are about 20 years my senior, british, and men :(


I've got some Blasto frags you can have for a hug :D

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scuba, o ya i have a whole tank for a bigger hug ha lol

this is going to be fun watching

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its a soa chair thingy with a blankey :D lol on top


ash is jealous lol

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Quote "i never wear a black bra with a white tank top."


But to all those who do THANK YOU!

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"i never wear a black bra with a white tank top."

Its a pretty thick tank top.. and trust me.. there are bigger problems in the world hun :)


"HELLO what is this thing behind you on the table? "

a lamp? lol


"your ugly"

well.. you could see my picture smaller, so why waste your time posting? *confused*


thanks everyone else:)

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Meh he didn't even spell you're properly ignore him.


Nova Scotia is nice, I'm in Montreal. Wanna trade frags? =D

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