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tank update-7 months


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hey, that setup looks just like the current tank of the month. are you copying someones setup??????????

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are you kidding me??? the rockwork looks nothing alike, and the only thing they have in common are the frogspawn gsp and red open brain. i've had both the brain and frogspawn over 6 months, my frogspawn looks alot different than the setup of the month, and im pretty sure every single person in the usa has or had some gsp. what makes you think they look the same??

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mainly species and placement. you have the frog, shrooms, and gsp in the exact same spot. thats the only similarities. the TOTM is much cleaner looking. trust me i wasnt trying to imply that you were worthy of TOTM!! LOL!! gotta learn how to control diatoms first!!! then some color would be nice!

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yea i got some cyano cuz i had an anemone that a friend gave me to try to save die in there and was left over the weekend while i was gone. plus having 7 fish in a 25 makes it hard to keep the nitrates down.

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