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Pico-C 3/22/06


First Pico tank. Damsel was gift from boss. Soon to add a green clown goby, mushrooms, poyps, and xenia.


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Very cool rockwork... I like that tank but a little to pricey for me :). I'd ditch the damsel and just keep the clown goby (when/if you get it). You see, that's a small tank and two fish is really too much bioload. Also the damsel will probably outgrow the tank... and does require more swimming space. Regardless... very cool tank, I can't wait to see it fill out with coral.

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Thanks for the Compliment. Yeah I new the Damsel would eventually outgrow the tank, but it was a nice gift from my boss. I also have a blue leg hermit, an astreae snail, and a ton of baby cerith snails that came from the liverock.

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