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Frogspawn Hello


Here is my recovering frogspawn. I almost lost him when I moved him to my current tank but he is recovering quite well and as you can see looks awesome.

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hey how long has he been all fat like that ......mine hass been since about a weeak after i got him three months ago even fatter and i am worried since yours is the first fat one i have seen.

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all the frogspawn i tank rear gets fat polyps like that. prolly light and flow related.

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This is something I really have been wondering myself because I have a non-branching one in my tank too. At first I had both under T5 lights and they blew up like balloons. The same frogspawn I fragged this piece from in my friends tank looks normal and thin under his 20k light. I now moved both into a 12g aquapod under a 20k 70k light with plenty of flow. Both are still bloated looking and I can't figure out the difference in our tanks except the location they exist in. Very weird thing this is.

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