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dendro macro


my submission for photo contest.


click on photo for full view.

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How are you feeding this guy without causing your water quality to decline?

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I wish these posts would print exif data on the mechanics of the shot itself.


I love these guys but from what I've seen on line and in LFS, they are retracted more that they are extended in your reef.

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Beautiful picture Dennis!

somoney, I'd disagree with that. My dendro stays out 95% of the time. They are truly one of the coolest corals I've ever owned!

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Mine stay retracted during the day, but open all night. I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard if they stay open all the time they aren't getting enough food. Anyone know about this?

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Tigah, your photos are getting better and better! Is that 5mp? I think I'd have cropped it closer, honestly. Call be Picasso ;) I like to make my photos dramaticly weird. LOL.

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Wow, but yeah, cropping out some of the far left would make it nicer. Great shot!

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Great shot! This is the kind of pic you'd see on the cover of a reef book. Even though I submitted my own shot, I'll probably vote for this shot! :)


<wu_tang> Tigah style! Tigah style! </wu_tang>

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That Night time thing must be it. All my observations have been at diffrent reef shops throught So.California. They only come out durring feedings but then again I can only view them during the day at LFS's. Hmmmm maybe its time to stop looking at start owning? ;-)

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Doh, I am...

Great "TRUE" Macro shot.

The others in the compitition are Portraits.

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Everone pack up your pictures and go home, Tigahboy is going to win this one!

Ill get you next time Tigah. I finally figured out my Camera and your going down next month! :P

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Tigah, what camera and lens did you use? I just got a DSLR and was curious what other people are using.


Awesome shot, BTW.

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DSLR? Loser. ;)


Tigah, you are now my mortal enemy.


:kicks the ground" shucks.... I guess it is a nice photo...

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