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Innovative Marine Aquariums

400 gallon all glass


two over flows rated at 800 gph a piece many be more

Thinking of making this saltwater tank

not sure yet

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reef profile, baby. reef profile tank.

sharks are nice for the feeding. "hey, look at it eat! cool! awesome! ...real cool. ... ...so, what else does it do?"

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i vote reef. sps colonies would look awesome. you can get some cool eels and stuff. don't do FO. man i wish i had a 400g and the room for it.

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My roomates got a 500 gallon that he condensed all his tanks into. Reminds me of building his. I'd say go with the reef. SPS all the way.

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You could keep a whole fleet of sepia Bandesis in there, you could even breed them, it would be awesome and if you had a good fuge up above it (say a 55 gallon full of macro and mysis, toss a food shrimp a day into it aswell) and you can keep sps and polyps and hermits and snails with them, just have a good skimmer, Oh It would be soo awesome.

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