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pacific east webpage problem :(


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Yeah every browser I try with the exception of Internut Exploder has this issue. The problem comes from the way the browsers layer things. Evidently Flash objects are always on top, with Javascript menus coming just behind, don't know why though, of course that is the ONLY reason I keep a copy of IE around for those websites that are too "narrow minded" to program for other browsers.

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I simply don't get it. I still and always will view firefox as a band-aid for users who have spyware, or a fear of getting it, or who just plain want to be different. Why load extra things on a computer that have no reason being there? Someone give me a link to a website that will work better in firefox than IE and I'll shut up.

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fluidimagery, I don't use firefox to be different or as a band-aid. I started using it well before it was called Firefox (it used to be called Phoenix, and then Firebird) because it was an escape from the doom that is IE. I use it because it is better than IE, and it will run on Linux. My main reasons for using Firefox over IE: tabbed browsing and EXTENSIONS! With IE, wysiwyg. You want to add the ability to tweak how many simultaneous web pages IE will load, or how things are cached? Not possible in IE. I keep IE around on my Windows machine because I have to, but I def. don't miss it when I am on Linux. Hop on the bandwagon! Try it - you'll love it!

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Fluidimagery, if you can't see how tyeing the browser in so very closely with every aspect of the operating system is a bad idea then there is no help for you, also I would link you to sites that work better for firefox but seeing as how you don't have firefox you wouldn't be able to open them without getting spyware and crashing your computer.

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Opcn, not to toot my own horn but, I own a computer company and manage over 5000 computers and come from plenty of experience. No need to verse me on integration with windows... which brings me back to the "band-aid" in response to your statement "if you can't see how tyeing the browser in so very closely with every aspect of the operating system is a bad idea then there is no help for you” The only security issues that I've had with clients have been user error... spyware / virus related which I agree to a degree has to do with the integration IE has with windows. On the other side makes it much friendlier to use when it's working as it should for the general users of the internet (spyware aside). Show me a page that works better in firefox than IE and I'll show you 50 that don't. Just for sake put your money where your mouth is and show me one...


Andykee, if linux works for you, by all means use it. I use it on my web servers and it's great, I haven't restarted my main server for 465 days. You can't compete with the stability of it. You use firefox simply because IE doesn't exist for linux which isn't the argument. I've tried firefox, I just don't like it, I always wind up going back to IE because certain pages don't work correctly in firefox and I just don't see the point. IE just simply works better for me, I have no problem having 30+ windows open at a time and I just don't use extensions, never a need. Heck... security... I don't even run an antvirus on my computer and have never had IE crash on me. I've of course seen it happen plenty, but usually related to a third party program.

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