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Again, the camera I have is for work purposes and well it doesnt do the lighting justice, but here is my tank after 7 weeks and now equipped with 10w actinic 03's (x3) and my Sunpod 150 HQI 14k. Unfortunately you cant see all my zoo frags spread around the tank, but in due time! (the brownish orange zoo rock will be gone eventually, but for now it adds character lol.

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I'm the same guy as reefer9391


extreme nice lighting set-up you do well it will take some time though thought about a clam or SPS with that MH?

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I actually have two small SPS frags (unknow species) that a buddy from the LFS gave me, I really want to get a clam, but will limit the SPS to those pieces since I hear in small tanks chemical warfare can be a bummer. However, I'm planning a 120g SPS tank now and will soon start piecing it together. I think in the long run I would be happier having SPS in a larger enviroment, keeping my softies to the Nano, but I do love the Nano, and can't wait for things to start spreading around! I think I will look around for a clam and give it a try, I think it should be fine with my current set up...I hope :)

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