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My yellow tang and one of my clowns


Here is a tank shot with one of my clowns and my yellow tang. The corals in the shot are a leather coral, a green star polyp and a bubble coral.


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Actually - it isn't too small. I should be so lucky for him to use the entire tank. He's thriving, he's swimming, he's eating everything in sight... so no the tank isn't too small.


Its a little bizarre to read on a site about "nano-tanks" that a 35 gallon is too small!

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This is ridiculous.


WHY would you even bother asking "what size tank?"


Who cares? Are you on some personal crusade? You see a yellow tang and immediately must ask "Oh gee, what size tank is that..."


Give it a rest. Worry about your own tank and let people do what they want to do. I highly doubt anyone has ever "Seen the light" by people criticizing anyhow. If people cared about what size tank they were putting their fish in or were not sure, they would ask...and even THEN they get blasted.


Fishfreak218: Mind your own business.

dannyfish: You don't want to be the tang police?? Then why ARE you?

imbored9391: Find something more productive to do.

Arturmaks: Nice looking clown.

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wonderful post, i couldn't of said it better nuhtty....you're definately on the christmas card list...

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Guys guys wait wait, I did it - I just "saved" 10 tangs at my LFS. I put drano in the sump rather than see them placed in small tanks, they're swimming in that big big tank in the sky now.



...maybe I've had too much holiday punch.

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Wasted effort on the minds of mongoloids. (most of you will have to look that last word up)

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Well - he still seems happy and ate a hole pile of misis this morning... Also ssems to be keeping my live rock nice and clean. I'll also post a photo of as much of my tank as possible to prove that I am a responsible reefkeeper.

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Maybe he was just wondering what size, but go ahead and flame since you have nothing else to do. 35 is fine for a Yellow Tang of that size, may need to upgrade when he gets bigger.

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