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ikea stand..


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It's not getting support from all four sides. It WILL crack in the middle. Basic engineering. Sorry chief, bad idea.

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Either the glass will give way first or the stools will give way. Definitely take it off. All the best!

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unfortunately, 100% chance. You posted it in time though. Just get it on a more load bearing structure, that disperses the weight EQUALLY.


Good luck,


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if its a glass tank you have to support the edges, if its acrylic then you have to support the entire bottom either way what you have is insufficient, i dont see a problem with putting it on the floor, only that it will be a pain to look at, and if you have any pets or children, you might not want it on the floor.

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think about the mess a typical tanks causes during maintance...then think about the "little bit" of water that normally goes on a counter top or on the tank stand....well now it will be under your carpet. good times :) not to mention the possibility of something falling into the tank or someone kicking the tank on accident. IMO SW tanks are too expensive to just place it on the floor.

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thank you all, i'll just put it on the floor for now, maybe i'll find a nice stand later.

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sweet.. take pics of the cleanup afterwards..


that is a massively horrible idea.

just echoing what people have said.. and my own experinces.

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i bought a metal stand from petsolution.com ,it is even worse than the ikea chair.

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DUDE.... you about as ghetto as you wanna be that is the worst idea ever and i HOPE it breaks so you can learn a lesson.Good luck and please dont blame any LFS or any who sells you fish or livestock if it all dies

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NJReefer, where did that come from? The guy's new to reefkeeping and he doesn't need you to discourage him. Give him a break.

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You are by far the biggest @$$ hole that I have seen on the forums. Try getting laid or something. I bet the idea of being original or ingenuity is not possible for you, since you are probably scared of people like your self, that insult others and shoot down there ideas instead of giving them advice. Go find a bridge and jump off of it.



I really like the idea of the IKEA chair, I believe that if you where to place a nice thick piece of wood board, the size of the bottom of the tank between the tank and the chair, you would have better luck. Try to contact some one from IKEA and see if there is a max. weight recommendation for the chairs.

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Buy another Ikea chair and put in the center and split the difference on either side giving you more support in the middle. Use the extra space on the sides to put your test kits and whatever else. It depends on your aquascaping but most likely a mojority of the weight from your live rock will be in the center where right now doesn't have support.


I like your thinking with this especially if you have small children. I have the metal stand and when I'm cleaning the glass I have to support it with my other hand or it rocks back and forth.

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