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i live in the wrong city :)

formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

most of you have seen my marine garden, and know just how out of control my macro algae can get. i throw away bags of it on a regular basis.


i cant give the stuff away here in london. the lfs dont want anymore (never charged any of them) and most of the local reefers i know are already set up with algae's (im sure i had something to do with that.


i posted some pic's of my marine garden on aquarium pros. and the private messages poured in. most of the guys where from the toronto area.


yesterday after many requests to ship algae to the g.t.a. i decided to make a last min. trip. within the course of a few hours, we arranged a group meet at an esso gas station just off one of the main highways in the area. (all via a thread on aquariumpros.ca


packed up 6 big bags of algae and hopped in the car.




i spent the evening sitting in an esso gas station and coffee time parking lot chatting with some very friendly reefers.


man did they spoil me rotten!


6 bags of macro, i probably would have throw out, got me all of this wonderful stuff. (btw, i never asked for any of it. just very generous reefers)


heres what i came home with

got myself a nice little blasto fragg.


the coolest rbta i've ever seen. it just so happened that it split shortly before i arrived in t.o. the owner, figured he'd throw it in.


picked up an acan. i was told its alittle bleach,having been dirrectly under a 400

but it has a very nice orange coloring.


a montipora nodosa


couple pieces of Green monti (one is in the pic above)


and a purple monti


even came home $10 richer than i left.


it was a very fun and rewarding trip, and i'm starting to think i'm in the wrong city :)


just wanted to share/show off my new additions, and tell everybody how much fun i had. if your interested, heres the thread we used to arrange the trip last minute. everything couldn't have come together better :)



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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

the corals have really opened up, and the anemone looks awesome!

the corals didnt mind being in a bag for 6 hours and seem to be acclimating well.


i do have a question thought, how do you guys go about mounting your monticap fraggs?

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