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Refugium Question


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I've just completed a 20G (High) refugium sump to use with an upcominging 30G reef tank (no livestock yet, only live rock with more coming). Currently I have saltwater and live sand inside the fuge, however it has not been plumbed into the 30G yet (hoping to do so tomorrow).


I tried to read as much as I could about fuges before hand and basically pleased with my first attempt. However, I just came across so info, that I'd like to get opinions on.


I currently have a protein skimmer installed in the refugium area of the sump...and it's doing the job very nicely. I did not design a separate baffle for the skimmer and now wondering if I should have.


I am intending to have Chaetomorpha, a few critters, and was also thinking of dwarf seahorses (any thoughts on this as to why this might be a bad or good idea), and perhaps a spot for coral frags.


Anyway, the concern I have is running the skimmer directly in the fuge. What I read today indicated that a skimmer would pull out a lot of the food sources being generated in the tank. I intend to move it close to the inflow baffle, to try and keep it upstream of the water flow. Or would I be better off running the protein skimmer up above in the main tank.


Any thoughts on this?


One other related item. I've also read that some people put their tank lighting and fuge lighting on opposite cycles. I'm assuming it's for providing higher level of food source for night time feeding...is that correct? Are any of you reefers with fuges using the opposite light cycles?


Many thanks. This is becoming a fascinating and addictive hobby, and it's great to have this forum to rely on as a source of first-hand experience.



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Just a thought...


Run the skimmer coming from the tank into the refugium. The refugium is exactly as it's name states. A refugium....for pods and other living organisms that would normally be devoured in the main tank. The reason you want the skimmer running into the refugium is so the pods growing in it will eventually end up in the tank as a food source, not in your skimmer cup. Make sense?


As far as Seahorses in a refugium, I dont know, but I would think they would be okay. I know lots of people keep other critters in them. A popular item is macro algae. Especially if you Tangs as I do (see avatar). Good supplemental food source as long as you have a tang that enjoys it like mine does. :D


As far as alternate light cycle goes, it is predominately done to maintain pH levels. Because the main tank lights are on during the day, you have a constant pH. But at night, the pH drops when the lights go out. If you have a refugium, you can accomplish constant pH levels with the lights being on at night when the main tank is off because the water from the main tank is constantly being fed into the refugium. Some people do this with sumps if they dont have a fuge. Show us some pics when your'e up and running. :)



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