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BinWeeds tanks a coral......

The Propagator

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The Propagator

I recently visited binweed, and snapped off some pics for youall to see at his requesnt.

Some of the pics didnt turn out to hot. ( SORRY BEN!!)

His tanks are REALY nice guys!

Nothing was enhanced in any way other than cropping and resizing.

( his stuff realy is that bright, he may not be? But his corals are! J O K E !!!!!)











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The Propagator













It WAS a fuzzy dwarf lion.

He told me the day after I took these photos it died on him.


It looked in perfect health when I was there though?


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RIP Fuzzy Dwarf Lion.. ###### looked pretty cool..


Nice looking tank BTW.. I like the aquascape.. made me reconsider doing mine :(

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awesome Duane thanks for your help. Anyone have a name for those paly's... are they even worthy?? Im not up to date with my zoa lingo.

Those fuzzy dwarf pics... freakin sweet

Poor fuzzy dwarf died on me for no aparent reason in his place... a mandarin gulp. He eats frozen and his diet will be vitamin enritched.

Since the photos i made some simple changes.. the fungia is now where the frogspawn is and visa versa.


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aww man, i was just going to post that that lion looks awesome! which it does...did. dammit.


awesome tank though still.


maybe he was allergic to prop's ugly mug. :P nice pics though. bad luck. :(

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