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How high can you mount PC lights above tank


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I have a 15G (24x12x12) and would like to put a 20" Orbit (2x40W) on it. I know the manual says not to put it in a canopy and I am assuming that is because of heat issues. If I build a canopy above the tank to better hide things like the skimmer and filter and such, can I mount the light towards the top of the canopy? Or possibly on top of the canopy? If I mount it inside the canopy, would 2" on each side allow for enough flow? Should I add a couple more PC fans? I would like to stay with the 2x40W for now because I would like to add a 70W MH later on when the budget gets a little bigger. Thanks for your help on this.

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I guess I wasn't clear before, sorry. I was wondering the maximum height above the tank the lights could be mounted. Should I be worried about mounting them in a canopy with extra ventilation? Or should/could they be mounted above the canopy?

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