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snail spewing out white stream of something


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Hi. Tried to get a photo but no luck. One of my tiger snails is at the top of my live rock right next to a star polyp coral and spewing out a white film ... if I didn't know better I'd say it was smoking because it looks like it's blowing out white smoke out of a tube that exteds from under the shell. Then, another toward the bottom of the tank started doing the same thing. Are they spawning? And more importantly, what is this going to do to my water quality (I'm a bit paranoid since the last complete tank crash and death of everything)?


Any thoughts? thanks, Steve

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mushroom head

Yes they are prolly spawing. They shot out eggs like that. My stomella snails do it all the time. And it doesnt do anything to the water quality,sometimes when my snails shoot the eggs out they get sucked into the refugium and they eggs hatch in there,its really cool.

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