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Hows this for a "blueprint"


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Im piecing together a 24g Nanocube for a reef tank. I bought an upgraded light. It has 8 lights total. 6 32w Blue Actinic lights and 2 36w 50/50 white lights. Here is a picture.




here is what i have come up with, currently only thing I have bought is the hood light, still need the tank even... but this is my blueprint.. please chime in if I am overdoing something or leaving something out... thanks



1. maxijet 1200 pump

2. surface skimmer

3. heater

4. hydro flo

5. thermometer

6. test kit

7. auto topoff (not really sure how this works, when water is low, where does it get water from to fill up?)

8. magnet cleaner

9. surge protector (not sure which one, figure im gonna need alot of outlets)

10. timer for lights

11. add LED lights to hood

12. hydro meter

13. live rock rubble (does this go in refugium?)

14. refugium in center

15. 20 lbs live sand

16. 20-25lbs live rock


here is what i was thinking for the crew

5 nassarius snails

3 astrae snails

5 cerith snails

1 turbo snail

1 fighting conch

1 blue leg hermit

1 red leg hermit

2 emerald crabs

1 skunk cleaner shrimp

1 blood shrimp


as for fish, not sure... prolly only 2-4 fish... 1 wil be a "nemo" clownfish for sure, not sure on rest.


as for coral i have no idea what anything is yet, havent even read up on that yet... but im under impression i wont be able to keep sps or clams, but guy i bought this hood light said he did... so maybe I will be able too... i dont know any names yet, i just want pretty and colorful... need to do some reading on that once I figure out all the equipment stuff first...

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Looks pretty good. I would probably go with a peppermint shrimp instead of the blood shrimp, they can help control aptasia. Also, see if you can find trochus snails instead of astrea. In 24 about 3 fish is ideal IMO. I would suggest keeping corals like zoas and ricordia Florida under that lighting. They will do well as long as you have sufficient flow. And they really dont get invasive like some corals do. They will eventually spread to cover alot of rock though. Looks pretty cool when they mat out.

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