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Attaching another tank


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Hey Guys,


I have just setup my first nano-tank. I purchased an 8 gallon round tank. Since it is a round tank I am limited to the accesories that I can hang on the tank. I am trying to setup a 5-10 gallon tank in the stand that the 8 gallon is on. I need some help figuring out how I get the water from my 8 gallon to my 5-10 gallon tank below?





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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

with the round edges being a problem for bulkheads and hob overflows, i'd drill the bottom of the aquarium. mount a bulkhead and add a durso (pvc pipe approx 1'-depending on the height of the tank. with 2 90* elbows)


id go one step further, drill a large hole in a single large piece of lr, and hide the pvc pipe right inside the rock.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

maybe this will help



your overflow could be free standing, you just need some sort of overflow in the display, be it a false wall, built in overflow (acrylic siliconed to the tank) or some sort of collection cup.


i have a temp overflow very much like the doodle on my planted aquarium. its made of an old skimmer for the display overflow, and some 4" pvc

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Icy that is a great plan. I have been thinking of doing something like the OP, I think I'mma stealing your idea.


Thanks =) hehehe

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That looks fantastic. Is there one similar that I can puchase instead of making? Or does anyone know who makes the smallest overflow?

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

check out this site gnesh69. it has alot of how too's (dyi overflows etc)







not sure if this will work on a round tank



if you decide to drill this is the other idea mentioned




hey lullaby whats the op?

my temp overflow has been so effective, i never got around to making a perminate overflow.lol





think it cost $11 to build. :)

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Haha sorry I need to stop using net terms >_<. OP=Original Poster.



wow that looks wicked awesome. And for 11 bux how can you go wrong? Well I guess if water ends up everywhere but it doesn't look like it at all =). Great DiY man. I'm def going to be a copy cat :P. Thanks so much!


**bookmarks thread**

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icyoud2 I was wondering how you attached the drain to your PVC end cap?


And do you have a durso pipe in your PVC, didn't look like it had space

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