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anyone from the UK

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im finding it really hard getting good not exspensive pc lighting.

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Which part of UK are you in?  

I live in central London.


As far as I know, there isnt any compact lighting out here.

You get the ordinary NO fluorecents or the Metal Halides.


Though quite a few LFS around London are testing some new kind of high output fluorecents (most likely a form of VHO).


If you do manage to come across Power Compact Lighitng let me know.


I am somewhat confused; you say you are finding it hard getting good not expensive PC lighting? Does that mean you found expensive one?  But no cheap ones???


I assume you couldnt find any PC lighting.


Keep me posted. I would be very interested in knowing if you manage to find any kind of PC lighting.

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Order some HQI lighting from Germany.

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