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70W or 150W?


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Hi, I got my aquapod HQI and the 70W sunpod is very nice, quite bright but I am still contemplating 150W or not while everything is unused.


I am not sure what is more suitable for me, I would start with softies and easy to keep corals, but not sure what I would want if I get more experience.


The 70W HQI claims to be produce similar amount of light as 250W MW? what is that about?


I know more is usually better, but I want to try using running with the glass top to mostly avoid the cat fur and dander getting into the water. The tank might get too warm with a 150W? My house temp get about 88F hottest part of the day.


Is there LED lighting that I can add to increase intensity on top of the 70W sunpod, to save heat and energy?



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On that small of a tank the 70watt should be perfect if you want to keep a mix of everything (softies, LPS, SPS). If you want a SPS dominated tank where you can place SPS at lower levels buy the 150.


I wouldnt reccomend using a glass top either cause you will probably need a fan blowing on the water surface to keep the tank running cool

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