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need help setting up a sump


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I bought a premade sump for my new tank, the sump is 36x16x16. I would have asked more questions when I picked it up but I thought I knew what I needed and I could just go get pvc and be good to go however that is not the case.


I've been looking at other pictures of sumps but I'd still like someone to clarify how I should do the plumbing.


The sump was designed for to be used with an ehiem pump externally. There is an 18x10 fuge. I have not settled on a skimmer so a generous amount of space was left for a skimmer.


I've read melevsreef and I do understand what a sump is and how it works, I'm just confused when it comes to setting up my own.


heres an attached pic from when i first brought it home, ive since removed the plastic and tape.


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