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Instant Ocean test kits


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I am just writing this info for people that have seen the new IO test but have not tried them.


I bought the following:

Alk, calcium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and Ammonia

I also bought the seachem test ( only because I thought the IO test where not working)

So I decided to compare them.


When I first started to use the IO test I thought that they didn’t give accurate results at all. When my tank was one week old I didn’t see any color change in the nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. With the PH I could see the changes from light on to lights off.


Well I stopped testing everyday and went to test like every 2 days or even less.

I then decided to order a seachem test after doing a search on here.


Out of the seachem test I bought the marine kit, which includes:

Nitrite, nitrate, ammonia , and alk. I have been using the seachem for 2 weeks or more.


My results are that the IO tests are just as good as the seachem. I Have not seen my nitrates or nitrites go up in the IO or a color change notice. I think that’s because they haven’t gone up to see the difference. With IO the color chart chip you use goes like this for the nitrates = 10, 20, 40, 70, 100 and for the nitrites low high range =2,4,6,8,10 for low range = 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0

I kept getting nitrates 10 or below barely see the color so I assumed that the test was no good. But when I received my seachem my nitrates where below 10. So I found my answer with the seachem that the IO was working. As for the nitrites they have always been very low. (Another reason why I didn’t see a color change) The seachem gave me a reading below 0.2 and the IO lowest reading is 0.2.


Since I have been comparing the two. It was the IO that let me know that the seachem Alk test was not working. I would get consistent readings from the IO test 6-8 drops divided by 2 gave me the meg/L . with the seachem I would get 14-16 drops divided by 2 and it gave me high meq/L. I went on RC and found out that the seachem had a problem click here to learn more http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.p...threadid=854965


And here to see other people with the same lot also




well seachem gave me reefstratus magnesium test kit . I tried to use it to test for alk but I didn’t understand what I am doing wrong or if the test is so sensitive. I really could not see a color change lol. I will try again later but right now I am satisfied with the IO alk test.


The IO test also detected Phosphates for me. I was wondering why I had so much hair algae and I forgot I got a phosphate test. I used it and it showed me 0.4 phosphates. then I used phosguard and I tested again and it gave me 0 reading. So I believe their phosphate test is good also.


The IO calcium and alk test are super EASY. you can clearly see the color change. the alk test turns blue to yellow/green and the calcium turns from a maroon purple to blue.


In conclusion the IO test are easier to read compared to the seachem but If you want précised readings below what the IO is offering then go for the seachem.

IMO both are good alternatives for cheaper tests. If your just setting up I would go with the seachem nitrate and nitrite test instead of the IO. but other than that I give them a good ratting.




Thanks for taking the time to read

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