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fish compatability... watchman goby & midas blenny?


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We're in the early stages of nano planning, trying to decide what size tank and what we'd like to keep in it etc


I know certain gobies don't get along with others of the same type or even other gobies in general etc...


I was wondering if a yellow watchman goby & a midas blenny could share the same tank, and what the size requirement would be?


Other considerations are a fire fish and/or a pseudochromis


Thank You!

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I would recommend a yellow watchman goby, as they are colorful and really cool. The other fish I'd say is a firefish, as the blenny is very similar to the goby, in that they both tend to hide and saty on the bottom about 99% of the time. IMO, the firefish would add color, a mid-top level swimmer, and a fresh personality, as they are beautiful fish that bring some flare to any tank.

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I would do a smaller goby if the tank is going to be anything less then a 20-ish gallon. Yellow watchmen can get up to 3+ inches ( had one in my big ank that was easily over 3"). Firefish have a real tendency to hide, unless you are luck enough to get some that are more adventurous (I never have been). I would say: 1) BiColor Blenny because they have more personality then any other fish I have ever seen. My old Bicolor would actually eat out of my hand, and was known to perch on it! 2) Royal Gramma, Fridmani or Blackcap Basslett. Either will be a good centerpeice fish for a small tank. 3) Lawnmower blenny. Great at keeping unwanted algea under control, and almost always out and about.

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I would suggest a bi-color blenny and some type of goby in a 20 gallon. If you do get a 20 gallon, get a 20 long.

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Thanks everyone. I know we're going with one of the cubes.... possibly the 29g oceanic, otherwise the 24g aquapod.


Think a royal gramma is one of the fish we'll chose, still deciding on another.

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