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super cycling kick start for 6g nano cube


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I'm by no means an expert at this, so I need some advice from the smart people. I just bought a 6g nano cube and want to cycle it faster. I plan to use it as a fish only for now. I also have an established 70g aquarium that's got about 5 gallons of bio balls in it (yes, I realize that's quite excessive).

What I've done is taken about 30-40 of these bio balls from my 70g and stuck them in the 6g (just floating in the tank). It's been circulating for a couple days and I'm wondering if this will jump start my nitrate cycle. I also want to take the extra bio balls out before adding fish to the tank. If I take the established balls out after another 2 or 3 days, will there be enough bacteria remaining in the tank to continue the process?

Or should I stop being so impatient and just do it the normal way?

Thanks for any help

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Are you planning on using live rock I suppose? IMO 30-40 would be way too much. I would use something more like 5-10, otherwise I think the bacteria might only colonize the balls.

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Now, with that out of the way. The bio-balls will probably have minimal effect on the cycle. A better way would be to take sand from the 70g and "seed" the sand in the 6g. If you really want to rush things, there are various concotions you can buy that will kick start bacteria growth.

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